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Copyright ©2016 IAMWEAPON.US®

SEQUESTRATOR®, Incorporated

The Sequestrator® Operating System & Software Company  is designed to be accompanied by a specialized computer MegaFrame® hardware  format & server system with enhanced DuraForce® non-penetratable materials for electronic communication protection, security & anti-theft messaging protocols that also includes mobile devices made exclusively for the SEQUESTRATOR® Members Only clientele base & utilities group.

This infrastructure will be un-matched, Patent protected & Copyright secure utilizing in-house law enforcement measures established and owned by the sole independent creator.

The Urantia Planetary Government, the Universal Bureau of Internal Affairs, the Universal Police Force & the Urantia Universal Military shall ensure the property & safety of all contents, customers, authors, creators, inventors, club members, employees, clients, artists & any other SEQUESTRATOR® user that complies by all ordinances, policies, procedures, contracts, agreements, terms and conditions.

A minimum monthly membership fee will be mandatory to provide a continuous influx of funding which will help provide resources necessary to attain the highest quality standards.

Also we must use our own factory made equipment which will also require a minimum investment from each member.

And because many people use mobile devices that also require communications connections SEQUESTRATOR® will be an independent network to eliminate the potential hazards of outsiders penetrating our guarded systems.

So a minimal contractual obligation must be met for subscribing members.

The cost of developing, maintaining & securing this segregated community of devices and systems must be congruent and universally compatible with all of our member's equipment & instruments.

Profit sharing will be distributed to all members which will enrich our wonderful new and amazing enterprise.

COPYRIGHT© 2016 Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone - Creator/Author/Owner/CEO
All Rights Reserved

24 Registered Businesses of Chris Dwaine Christensen’s Primary Estate Values Available Only Through Universal PoliceForce.Com®  & SEQUESTRATOR® Operating System Club Member’s Investment & Profit Sharing Program

24 Business Strategies To End All Wars on Urantia

1. Childreamia® File and Entity Number 10215686®,

2. Chris America® File and Entity Number 10288235®,

3. Christ Michael® File and Entity Number 9723113®,

4. InternationalMonetaryFund.Mobi® File and Entity Number 9719076®,

5. Majestone® File and Entity Number 8729356®,

6. Majestone Electronics Manufacturing, Sales And Distribution Company® File and Entity Number 10290138®,

7. Majestone Enterprises® File and Entity Number 9263666®,

8. Majestone Universal Computer Manufacturing And Sales Company® File and Entity Number 10177261®,

9. Majestone Wireless® File and Entity Number 10290139®,

10. MajiCloud® File and Entity Number 10288193®,

11. Pawn Brokers Exchange® File and Entity Number 10177269®,

12. Sequestrator Operating System® File and Entity Number 10177262®,

13. The Majestone Universal Stock Market Company® File and Entity Number 10286371®,

14. TheRoadHome.Property® File and Entity Number 10286364®,

15. Urantia Earth Gold, Gemstones, Precious Metals And Minerals Owner® File and Entity Number 10286365®,

16. UniversalPoliceForce.Com® File and Entity Number 8600035®,

17. Urantia Earth Oil, Gas, Chemical, Solar And Universal Energy Company® File and Entity Number 10286369®,

18. Urantia Earth Planetary Land, Electricity, Food, Water, Financial Institutes, Housing, Real Estate And Profitable Sales Owner® File and Entity Number 10149147®,

19. Urantia Earth Resources Manager And Planetary Owner® File and Entity Number 10116691®,

20. Urantia Earth Universal Communications Company® File and Entity Number 10251630®,

21. Urantia Earth Universal Transportation Company® File and Entity Number 10286367®,

22. Urantia Earth® File and Entity Number 10286848®,

23. Urantia® File and Entity Number 10286961®,

24. Weapon® File and Entity Number 10115163®

Qualifications To Do Business With *Majestone Enterprises the Universal Police Force *Urantia Earth Planetary Owner:

**You must first become an paid active and stable Club Member of UniversalPoliceForce.Com® & Sequestrator® Operating System at $9.99 per Month**

Wholesale Rates & Profitable Income Terms, Conditions & Agreements = 62% for Primary Owner/Contractor & 32% for Sub Contractor & Purchaser of License Application for Resellers Permit.

1. $10.00 Application Fee (3 Year DBA Longevity & Renewal Necessity)

2. $110.00 3 Year Permit Fee

3. $5.00 Utah State Administrative Fee

4. $3.00 For UniversalPoliceForce.Com International & Local Government Administrative Fee

5. $128.00 Total Fees Before Any Taxes Applied or Paid by Internal Agencies

*10.00 Minimum Sale Agreement per item(s). *= $6.20 for UniversalPoliceForce.Com & $3.80 for Utah Department of Universal Law Enforcement (Owned & Operated by Chris Dwaine Christensen). *EXAMPLE: A Bumper Sticker Made and or Sold.*

*Absolutely No Proceeds Are Allowed to Be Sent or Received by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints, The Catholic Church, any Mormon or Religious Institution, Organization or Charity.

*Absolutely No Proceeds Are Allowed to Be Sent or Received by any entity, organization, business or party that is being sued, illegal or has been convicted of a crime in the Urantia Earth International & Space Jurisdiction.

*Majestone Enterprises is also in reference to all of Chris Dwaine Christensen’s Businesses.

Our new Sequestrator® Operating System is now operating on the URANTIANET® so, it necessary to charge $9.99 Per Month Membership to allow the Profit Sharing Program to produce a more fruitful environment that we can all live by.

Beginning September 1st, 2016 our Club Membership Dues Price is $9.99 Per Month for the entire time the account is active.

The SEQUESTRATOR® Operating System is a new development which will separate us children of God from the corrupt & criminal governments of the world. $9.99 per month that we are now beginning to collect from each potential member is an account opener as well as initial funding for our new profit sharing enterprise.

What is this all about?

Majestone Enterprises® is the active owner and operator of the Universal Police Force® & UniversalPoliceForce.Com® law enforcement agencies sourced from our Universal Father & Paradise.  

**Background Checks Will Be Conducted - Criminal, Credit, Employment, Residential & Aliases, etc., Only Light & Life Qualified Candidates Will Be Approved To Join & Become An Official Club Member.

*All Governments (and affiliates) must pay a $21 Billion USD Non-Refundable Security Deposit to view our member’s content, whether personal, private or commercial, etc.

*No Government, Organization, Agency, Institution or Business, etc., is allowed to pass a law or policy that allows them to view content of our active members.

*A $1 Trillion $USD ($1,000,000,000,000) Fine will be collected for Trespassing, Theft, Invasion of Privacy, Treason, Vandalism and an act of war upon our true members.

Chris America® Universal Law Chief®

Officer’s Weekly®

Majestone Enterprises®Paradise Value Credits® $PVC®

My Personal Defensive Guard Killing All Attackers Instantaneously

Good Samaritans of Urantia USA

AutoLaw AutoKill DigitalLaw

Chris Dwaine Christensen


406 E. 300 S. #105

Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

*All Rights Reserved - Including World Property, Wealth, Resources & Intellectual Creations of Individual Contributions*

All Properties of Chris Dwaine Christensen’s Estates & Values Are Protected By The Universal PoliceForce.Com®, SEQUESTRATOR® Operating System, the Urantia Planetary Government, the Universal Bureau of Internal Affairs & the Urantia Universal Military  “WEAPON” Divine Family Enterprises.

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